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This patient was involved in an accident that left him with two fractured front teeth.  His main concern was returning to work with what appeared to be a missing front tooth.  He immediately saw us after the accident to find out his options.  That day, he left the office with a temporary to make sure he could return to work with a front tooth.

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One tooth had a severe fracture that extending far down the root of the tooth.  This tooth had to be extracted.  As a long term option, a dental bridge was made to replace his front tooth.  With a dental bridge we were able to achieve a durable and esthetically pleasing result.  The patient was happy to return back to a natural smile.

There are several options when it comes to enhancing your smile  If you are concerned about your smile and would like to hear your options, contact us at (281) 488-3626 to schedule a consult.

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