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This patient came to our office with concerns for replacing her worn veneers and her missing front tooth.  Prior to seeing us, she had a front tooth extracted, an implant placed, and a temporary tooth made.  She was unhappy with the fit of her temporary tooth.  She wanted all of her teeth to match and to be better aligned.

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Initially, when meeting this patient, impressions were obtained.  Each tooth that needed to be addressed to create a more natural smile was designed in wax.   This pre-operative planning guided us towards our final outcome.  For this patient, the temporary for her missing tooth was removed and replaced with an implant supported crown.  Veneers were placed on her five adjacent upper front teeth.  Since her remaining teeth were healthy we were able to match the new veneers to her existing dentition.  

There are several options when it comes to enhancing your smile  If you are concerned about your smile and would like to hear your options, contact us at (281) 488-3626 to schedule a consult.

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