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About Us​​

At Just Smile Dental, we strive to improve patients' dental health and overall well being.  We feel privileged to provide families of the Clear Lake and the Houston Metro Area with dental care.  We believe every patient has their own unique dental needs, and we really try to take the time to understand your concerns so that we can work together to improve your oral health.  

Justin and Samantha met in dental school at The University of Pittsburgh.  Their common foundation in dentistry allows them to easily work together to coordinate dental care.  At the same time, their training at different residency programs allows them to focus on different areas of need.  They really enjoy seeing the difference dentistry can make in a person's quality of life from restoring one single broken tooth to replacing many missing teeth.​

Justin and Samantha are happy to call Houston home.  They have three amazing boys under the age of six!  They love taking their boys on little adventures around Houston including discovering parks, museums, and visiting NASA!  They consider themselves very fortunate to be in such a diverse area with such interesting people.  They look forward to meeting you!

Justin, who was born and raised in Houston, went to school locally until he graduated from Strake Jesuit H.S.  After, he attended Georgetown University in Washington, DC.  Growing up his mother greatly valued dental care, which initiated his interest in dentistry.  She had limited access to ideal dental treatment growing up, which motivated her to prioritize dental care for her children.  He believes that realizing the importance of dental care and having a nice  dentist made it much easier for him to maintain healthy teeth.  Carrying these experiences with him, Justin hopes to help patients similarly establish good preventive and comprehensive dental care.


Dental School:  University of Pittsburgh

General Practice Residency: VA North Texas Health System



Samantha was born and raised in South Florida, and she attended the University of Florida.  During her childhood, she often only went to the dentist whenever she had a problem.  Unfortunately during college, she experienced a bad toothache that made her very concerned.  Fortunately, she found a dentist who was very helpful and understanding of her situation.  He took what could have been an overhwelming situation and made it manageable.  She appreciated that he spent the time to develop a reasonable treatment plan catering to her needs.  Already knowing that she wanted to pursue healthcare, this experience helped inspire her to look into dentistry as a career, so she could help others in a similar way.


Dental School:  University of Pittsburgh

General Practice Residency: University of Michigan


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