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Riel Dental Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry


This patient was born with a small shaped peg lateral incisor tooth.  He also chipped his adjacent front tooth many years prior.  With a full energetic smile, he couldn't hide his chipped or misshappened tooth.  For years he contemplated whether he should have these issues addressed.  As an adult he decided it was time to see his options. 


A very conservative approach was used to address this patient's needs.  A small composite bonding restoration was used to fix his chipped tooth.  A porcelain veneer was bonded to his misshappened tooth to achieve a more natural shape of the lateral incisor.  Very minimal drilling was needed only to roughen the surface for a strong bond of the material.

There are several options when it comes to enhancing your smile  If you are concerned about your smile and would like to hear your options, contact us at (281) 488-3626 to schedule a consult.

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