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This patient lost all of her teeth at a young age.  She was unhappy with the fit of her orginal dentures which affected the way she smiled when she was with friends. To address this patients main concern a traditional denture was made to replace her top teeth. She had very good bone support on the top, which allowed for a well supported denture with out implants.  To improve the fit of the bottom denture 4 implants were placed and denture was made that was screwed into place.   Often times a bottom denture without implants can be difficult to manage because your tongue and cheeks can push it around while chewing. This type of implant supported denture is not removable and is very durable when chewing.  Overall, this patient was very pleased with the final results. 

When you are missing several teeth or all of your teeth many options are available to help restore your dentition to help improve the quality of your life. 


 We believe it is important to take the time to get a properly fitting and esthetically pleasing denture.  At our office the process to make any type of denture takes several appointments.  We take very detailed impressions, several meaurements, and have several try in appointments to determine the best shape and position of the teeth.   Several things can go wrong when these steps are not taken which can lead to a very unnatural smile or a loose denture.  

There are several options when it comes to enhancing your smile  If you are concerned about your smile and would like to hear your options, contact us at (281) 488-3626 to schedule a consult.

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